At the turn of the century when Mr Muir and Mr Addy established their accountancy practice, the business world was totally different from the high speed commercial environment of today.

The requirements for accountants reflected the needs of business in the early 1900's. However times have changed and so have Muir & Addy.

Today, still independent, our practice offers you a refreshing alternative to a world increasingly dominated by a small number of multinational accountancy firms, whose departmental structure does not always suit the needs of all clients.

As Muir & Addy are independent, our structure assures you of close individual attention by a senior partner. This degree of personal attention is important to you for two reasons;

1. The partner handling your affairs will provide you with comprehensive advice, based on personal knowledge and involvement with your company.

2. Partners are able to complement their professional experience with that of specialist teams within the practice, making available to you a wealth of practical and technical expertise.

Muir Building,
427 Holywood Road,
Belfast, BT4 2LT.
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